What to do in case of violations on voting on amendments to the Constitution

At this point in the situation centre, which receives treatment in connection with the vote on the amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation has received about 90 reports of various violations. They are not being checked, said in an interview with TV channel “Russia 24” the Secretary of the Public chamber of Russia Lidia Mikheeva.

According to her, most often it is a lack of awareness that the area does not have enough information about the voting procedure, sometimes no information booths. In addition, there are complaints that employers force people to go to vote. Especially a lot of complaints in Moscow.

according to Mikheyev, the capital complaints closely involved in the Public chamber of Moscow. She assured them that she will take all necessary measures to eliminate the violations, and if found to be breaking the law, perpetrators will be held accountable.

In the regions of the complaint dismantle the representatives of the local Public houses, which help activists. They leave the place where hypothetically there was a violation, and find out all the circumstances.

as for the foreign observers, which are currently around 50 people, they are about any violation is not reported. But if they notice something suspicious, they will be able to access to a public observer, who is at the polling station.

On all issues Mikheeva advised to call on “a hot line” Public chamber of the Russian Federation, which operates around the clock, her phone placed on the official website of the organization.