What will the new decade: green energy instead of hydrocarbons

In ending the decade there were many turning points, there are new trends and technologies – from income inequality and climate change, as a conscious existential problems, to electric vehicles, automation, artificial intelligence and cryptanalyst.

In the coming decade, these trends originated may be issued and become a part of our life, changing her; to solve the most pressing problems can be found new approaches; trends can change radically.

“Vedomosti” published a series of articles with analysis of possible major changes in a number of areas.

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the Intensification of the fight against climate change, the growth of production and reduce the cost of energy from renewable sources, the development of vehicles running on electricity (or more generally speaking on alternative energy, including hydrogen), – all this constitutes a serious threat to fossil fuels. If many countries are actively reducing the use of coal, the oil industry is not faced with an existential threat, because much of the crude oil used in the petrochemical industry. However, the struggle with the plastic and can strike at this market. And the spread of electric vehicles is becoming a serious challenge, because of road transport, according to the International energy Agency (IEA) for 2017, accounts for 49.2% of the demand for oil.

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