special envoy to Wilkes Barre

Since November 8, 2016 in the evening, Lynette Villano, 72-year-old activist republican of the county of Luzerne, in the north-eastern Pennsylvania, is in seventh heaven: his hero, Donald Trump, she argued “as soon as it appeared on the escalator of the tower Trump” to announce his candidacy, became president. But since this same day, it also an injury the family is painful, because the event has cost him his relationship with his grandson. Messages text messages that they exchanged that night were published in a newly published book by journalist Ben Bradlee, The Forgotten , dedicated to the electoral district where it stands.

“I suppose you know that I am very happy today. Donald Trump is to your generation that Ronald Reagan was our own… I am so lucky to have been part of these two adventures…” , text-t-her, excited, her grandson Connor Mulvey, while the stunning new tomb.

“I saved America, and I … I am connecting to

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