The 3 million euro week at “WWM” starts on August 1 for the second time. A new quiz format also celebrates its premiere on the same day.

“Who wants to be a millionaire?” Fans can be happy: The quiz show with Günther Jauch (65) will not only return with new episodes on July 11th. From August 1st, RTL will also start a 3 million euro week for the second time at 8:15 p.m. (also on RTL ). On three consecutive evenings, the contestants will then battle it out again for the final broadcast on August 4th in order to possibly take home the largest prize in the history of the show, three million euros.

Furthermore, the broadcaster announces the start date of “The unbelievably smartest person in the world”. The new quiz format with host Hans Sigl (53) will also premiere on August 1 and will be shown four times a week, Monday to Thursday, from 11:20 p.m.

These celebs are stepping in

According to the announcement, Sigl invites celebrities from a wide variety of fields to a mixture of quizzes and talks in the series of events. Jana Azizi (33) and Pierre M. Krause (45) support the actor. Three celebrities will sit in the council chairs per episode. The top two celebs advance to a round and face off against new competition the following day. In the eleventh edition, the semi-finals are coming up, in the twelfth final episode the “incredibly smartest” will be chosen.

Among others, the star violinist David Garrett (41), the athlete Sabrina Mockenhaupt (41), the presenter Thomas Hermanns (59), ex-soccer professional Rúrik Gíslason (34), the presenter Wolfram Kons (58), comedian Oliver Kalkofe (56) and the dog trainer Martin Rütter (52).