Away with the tight-fitting pants! This summer we are into wide-cut trousers such as palazzo pants and culottes.

The summer months this year are clearly all about comfort. At least when it comes to pants. That’s why we choose wide models when putting together our outfits. Wide-leg pants are very trendy. The loose cut ensures a particularly high level of comfort thanks to plenty of legroom.

Palazzo, Marlene, Culotte

The basis of every look is wide-cut, comfortably cut trousers. Depending on your preference, you can choose between different models for the cut and type of pants: palazzo pants, Marlene pants, culottes, jogging pants or loose-fit summer pants. There are also many variations when it comes to the material: the wide trousers can be made of jersey or linen. Made from denim fabric or strong suit fabric, but also silk or alternative fine fabrics.

Statement color or basic color

If you want to show off your wide-leg pants look, you can use bright statement colors. Bright colors such as lemon, electric blue, pink, violet and orange are particularly popular this year. Here you can play with color contrasts when styling. In simple colors such as black, grey, cream or beige, however, the wide trousers come into their own just as well. The more reserved the color choice, the more elegant the outfit looks.

Real Styling-Allrounder

Wide trousers such as palazzo pants or culottes are real styling all-rounders. They go well with a blazer and blouse (for the office) as well as casually with a t-shirt and top. The latter conjure up a beautiful silhouette as crop tops in combination with wide-cut high-waist trousers. If you combine it with platform sandals, you show a particularly great sense of style. Because shoes with thick soles are also very trendy in summer 2022 and are the perfect complement to trousers with a wide cut.