The actor and speaker William Cohn is dead. He died in Basel at the age of 65.

William Cohn (1957-2022) is dead. The actor, speaker, author and singer died “surprisingly” in Basel at the end of June, as his management “t-online” confirmed. Cohn was 65 years old.

Especially in his role alongside Jan Böhmermann (41), Cohn should be remembered by many viewers. He was seen as a sidekick in “Neo Magazin Royale”. On the talk show “Roche

“We are left stunned”

“William, take care,” writes ZDF on Twitter; “Have a good trip, William”, Böhmermann says goodbye. “For us he was and remains a brave, loyal companion. A radiant lighthouse who could always show you the way. In the deepest darkness. Brave. Strong. Loud. Integer. A true philanthropist,” it says, among other things a post on the actor’s Instagram profile. “Dear friend and companion”, say goodbye to Cohns Welt AG, Cohns Welt Deutschland GmbH and Gold