Those who currently spend a lot of time at home are always looking for new employment. Do you know chalk pencils? The beautiful decoration on the window is suitable for the whole year. Read here how you can draw creative window pictures with your children using chalk pens.

With chalk markers you can easily conjure up beautiful decorations on the window. The pens are popular because they can be wiped off easily and therefore mean little work. There are no limits to creativity, you can paint freehand or use practical templates. The latter are well suited for families with children, because the little ones can simply color in the templates and various works of art are created.

This is how chalk pens work

Chalk pens are ideal for painting on smooth surfaces, because the chalk can only be easily wiped off with a damp cloth or even with a dry sponge. Chalk pens have liquid chalk inside, so you need to shake the markers well before using.

Colored or white chalk pens

The classic chalk pens are white and look like a felt pen. They can be used to create well-detailed images and fonts. But there are also colorful chalk markers in different colors such as blue, green, yellow or red. There are also chalk pens with a round tip and a slanted tip. Depending on whether you want to draw or write with the pens, you can create lines of different thicknesses or thinness. The same applies to the thickness of the line width, because there are pens with different line widths. The right choice of chalk pens therefore depends on the application.

Freehand or with a template?

You can use the chalk markers to paint freehand or use templates from the internet or template books. The latter offer the advantage that there is a large selection of different motifs and the template sheets are ready to use without having to print them out and cut them to size. There are templates for every imaginable topic, from animals to seasonal motifs such as Easter and Christmas to fairy tales.

Tips for drawing with chalk crayons on the window

How do you get rid of chalk pencil?

Chalk markers can simply be wiped off the window with a damp cloth. You can often do this with a dry cloth, but you will achieve the most thorough result if you use water or a glass cleaner as well.

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