The gangster game “Grand Theft Auto 5” is extremely popular – and only allowed from the age of 18. To get his parents’ permission to play it anyway, a 14-year-old made a PowerPoint presentation.

In the open-world computer game “Grand Theft Auto 5” you slip into the role of a criminal. The main tasks of the game are to commit crimes, eliminate adversaries and steal valuables. But you can also play golf and tennis, or whiz through the pretty game world called Los Santos in fast cars for hours without bad intentions.

The game, which is now quite old, is extremely popular and is also gaining more and more fans as famous influencers organize role-playing games in the virtual world and lead a kind of second life in it for weeks and months.

With Powerpoint against bans

It is understandable that as a viewer of these live streams you would like to take part yourself. It’s only stupid when age puts a spanner in the works and you’re not actually allowed to play the game yet – because you’re too young. A 14-year-old teenager didn’t want to accept that and built a PowerPoint presentation for his parents, which the podcast “Couple of” by Iris Gavric and Matthias Renger presented to the public a few days ago.

The presentation is structured in five chapters, one of which contains only the sources. The young man states that he received the information for his research from sites such as “”. When presenting the game, which his parents have banned him from but apparently don’t know well enough from his point of view, he writes: “You don’t have to follow a fixed story with brutal torture methods, you can just do whatever you want.”

It’s fun, dear parents

He lists that you can buy cars and houses, tune the cars and outfit your character in fashion shops. It says: “And yes: In order to finance all this, you sometimes have to carry out raids and shoot people.” He puts it into perspective: “These raids consist not only of brute force, but also of a lot of tactics and planning that you can carry out together with friends.”

Here are reasons why the teen “GTA 5” is dying to play. Among other things, because his friend lives somewhere else and you can stay in touch that way, but also because he is attracted by the strategic claim and thinks it’s good to design the virtual character according to his own ideas.

Then he goes into the age restriction. He answers his parents’ question about whether he should be allowed to play the game despite the violence (spoiler: yes.). As a basis for his argument, he made a list of pros and cons. The disadvantages: there is shooting, violence is normalized. The teenager writes that this could lead to “I could become violent and also want to shoot people.” He immediately puts this less than pleasant prospect into perspective and writes: “These arguments are only of essential importance if the person playing the game is too unstable – which is obviously not the case with me.” The “gunman argument” is “only for demonstration purposes”.

In conclusion, the youngster unsurprisingly asks for permission to play “GTA 5”. It reads: “I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m quite ready for ‘GTA 5 Online’ and can handle anything that comes up in the game.” After reading the presentation, Matthias Renger asks curiously whether the 14-year-old got away with it. Gevric, whose listener sent her the presentation, replied: “Of course, he was allowed to.”