By July at the latest you can no longer sit undisturbed in the garden or on the terrace without being harassed by wasps. However, you should not kill the animals. Instead, there are tried and tested means of repelling the insects.

You might think that wasps have no decency: as soon as there is something edible (regardless of whether it is sweet or savory) on the table in summer, the insects pounce on it and – in the truest sense of the word – cut off a slice of it. However, the workers not only satisfy their own hunger, but also provide their offspring with the protein-rich and sugary snacks. And since they don’t even stop at drinks, the chances of being stung by a wasp are high between July and August. The risk is particularly great for children and adults who are allergic to a sting. The question arises: How can you drive away the annoying wasps without killing them?

Why can’t you kill wasps?

Apart from the fact that wasps are under nature protection in Germany and may not be killed, there are numerous reasons why the yellow-black insects are quite useful: They hunt other pests such as mosquitoes and flies or aphids – and thus contribute to the biological pest control. But wasps themselves also serve as a food source for other animals, such as birds. In addition, insects actively help pollinate plants in spring and thus keep our ecosystem in balance. For this reason, the Nature Conservation Union (NABU) also advises against buying deadly wasp traps filled with juice or beer: “The animals die an agonizing death in the liquid. In addition, only old animals fall into the trap. The active colony will not decimated”.

Note: Wasps become particularly aggressive when you wave them around wildly or blow on the insects. This is due to the carbon dioxide that is contained in your breath and triggers a kind of alarm signal in the animals.

How to get rid of wasps

Of course there are also live traps that you can use to drive away wasps. Alternatively, the following home remedies should also help to flee the animals:

Tip: To prevent insects from flying into your home, you can (or have) fit insect screens to the windows and balcony doors.

Wasp nest discovered: what to do?

Even if (according to NABU) only the “unproblematic wasp species” tend to build their nests in bushes, behind wooden paneling or in roller shutters, many people still feel disturbed by this. Understandably, families with small children and allergy sufferers in particular are not comfortable with insects being constantly in their vicinity. But how do you actually behave when you have discovered a nest – or observed how one is being built? Most importantly, you should never attempt to remove the wasp burrow yourself. Instead, contact the responsible health or regulatory authority, a beekeeper or a professional pest controller. Apart from that, you should know that the animals leave their nest again in autumn, after that you can clear it yourself.

These myths are not true

There are numerous myths about how to repel wasps – but not all of them are true. Such as the following three examples.

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