In an interview with Alec Baldwin, the controversial director Woody Allen talked about the end of his career.

In an interview with actor Alec Baldwin (64), Woody Allen (86) hinted that he may soon be giving up his career as a director. He wants to make “maybe one or two” more films.

“I’ll probably do at least one more film,” Allen says. “The thrill” is gone, however, he explains in an interview with Baldwin, which can be found on his Instagram account. He will be shooting in Paris next fall.

His films used to be shown in cinemas “all over the country” and hundreds of people attended the performances. Because of the corona pandemic, this is no longer the case today. According to this, productions only ran for a few weeks in a cinema and shortly afterwards could be seen in the stream or via pay-per-view. All this gives him less pleasure.

“No interest in the prejudice and hypocritical posts”

Allen has been accused of sexual abuse multiple times in recent years. This was not discussed in the interview with Baldwin, as the actor had previously indicated. Announcing the interview on Instagram, he wrote: “Let me first state that I have no interest in the prejudice and hypocritical posts of others here.” He was “obviously someone who has his own convictions” and who “doesn’t care at all” about speculation. It’s not his problem if other people think that “a process should be conducted in the form of an HBO documentary”.

In 2021, the HBO documentary “Allen v. Farrow” was released, in which allegations of abuse by his adoptive daughter Dylan Farrow (36) against Allen were discussed. The director has consistently denied the allegations, which the then seven-year-old Dylan first made during his 1992 split from Mia Farrow. Allen and his wife Soon-Yi Previn (51), the adoptive daughter of Allen’s former partner Mia Farrow, described the documentary in a statement to the industry magazine “The Hollywood Reporter” at the time as “scoring full of untruths”.