After a long pub crawl in Wales, a 29-year-old ends up in the Guinness Book of World Records. He’d drunk in more pubs in one day than anyone had before. After that he wasn’t even tipsy.

A decent pub crawl includes peeing. One drink per pub. At least. Cheers to the one who can still walk straight ahead, oh what, look straight ahead. One who has mastered pub crawling is Welshman Gareth Murphy. The 29-year-old holds the current world record for “most pubs visited in 24 hours”. In just one day, Murphy drank in 56 different pubs. This has now been announced by the Guinness Book of Records. What is most surprising about this performance is that Murphy was not drunk after the tour.

Cardiff location. The city with the highest density of pubs, bars and clubs in Great Britain. Cardiff was “the best place” for his project, according to Murphy on “Guinness World Record”. After all, there are more than 300 restaurants in just 1.3 square kilometers. He set to work, developed a route. Finally, at 10 a.m. on a February morning, Murphy went on his foray. By 8 p.m. he had already set the old record. Englishman Matt Ellis only set the bar last year. His record at the time was 51 pubs. At 9:26 p.m., less than 12 hours after the start and 56 pubs visited, Murphy finally gave up. On average, he only allowed himself about twelve minutes per pub and drink. In the end, the Welshman had drunk around ten liters.

“The worst part was the bloating”

“I lost count of the number of bathroom breaks I took,” Murphy said. In the beginning it was okay, he had to go to the quiet place about every ten pubs. However, in the end, “I went once every two or three pubs, I think”. It was a long, tiring day. “The hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life,” Murphy said.

He added: “The worst thing by far was the bloating from drinking so much. It didn’t help that I couldn’t force myself to burp either.” However, it wasn’t the beer that got the man into trouble. The Welshman only allowed himself two pints, i.e. about a liter of beer, for the entire pub tort(o)ur.

Although Murphy says his favorite drink is a cold pint of Guinness, he avoided it in his record attempt. “I knew I had to stay away from Guinness as it’s quite a heavy drink. I’ve had a beer in a select few pubs but I knew not to overdo it as the fizz would make me bloated instantly” , he explained.

His drug of choice instead: juice. He is said to have drunk almost six liters of orange and apple juice alone, half a liter of lemonade, almost 300 milliliters (ml) of Diet Pepsi, 250 ml of Tango, almost 190 ml of blackcurrant syrup, 125 ml of Coca Cola and 125 ml of cranberry juice. The Welshman was content with just about a liter of beer.

Enter the Guinness Book of Records with Pub Crawl

Is that appropriate for a pub crawl? The Guinness Book of World Records says yes: “For the purposes of this record, a pub is defined as an establishment which is licensed to sell alcoholic beverages on premises, although the challenger is under no obligation to consume alcohol.”

Murphy completed the tour in February. Along the way he took video evidence and kept a log book in which each bar confirmed that the Welshman not only bought a drink but drank it. The record was finally verified by the Guinness Book of Records last week.

Quelle: Guinness World Records