Again it is the Scots who bring home the title of “best whiskey”. This year it is a rare 40-year-old single malt. If you want to secure a vial of Benromach, you have to be quick.

Whiskey is pure gold. For connoisseurs, because they have fallen for his taste. For collectors, because it has experienced an enormous increase in value in recent years. For the most expensive, most exclusive whiskeys in the world, a whopping million has to be shelled out. The Scottish Macallan distillery is the most expensive. The record price is almost 1.7 million euros – for a bottle. An expensive pleasure. According to the jury of the “World Spirits Competition”, the Macallan is not even the best in the world. Another Scot has just won the title. The whiskey of the hour is a single malt. It comes from the small Scottish distillery Benromach in the Speyside region, where whiskey has been distilled for 124 years. The now awarded Scotch is a limited bottling, there are only 1000 bottles. At 40 years old, the Scotch is the oldest at the distillery. The 57.1% single malt matured in Oloroso sherry casks and is described as rich yet rounded. The Scotch has a “velvet body that carries caramel and croissants over the palate,” Brad Japhe described in a “Forbes” article. He says: “The real highlight is in the finish. It brings out tobacco, leather and toffee threads, all of which don’t want to fade away.” The award-winning drop is currently available for less than 2000 euros – which is almost a bargain in this segment. It is foreseeable that the price will shoot up with the title.

Benromach presents the best whiskey of 2022

“To be able to take home the coveted ‘Best in Show’ award is a true testament to the hard work and dedication that goes into crafting our distinctive Speyside single malts,” Keith Cruickshank says of The Northern Scot, which he directs the distillery. Every Scotch made at the Benromach Distillery is handcrafted by distillers who rely solely on their expertise and senses. That has now been rewarded. In addition to the 40-year-old Benromach, two other Scotchs from the distillery were also awarded the highest of all awards in the competition. The 15-year-old (around 70 euros) and Benromach Contrasts: Peat Smoke 2009 also received double gold. The latter is already available at a consumer-friendly price of under 60 euros. The Scots were ahead of the competition again last year. Back then, a 25-year-old single malt from Glen Scotia took the crown. A whiskey that carries the rough, salty sea with it. The field of participants in the 22nd edition of the competition was larger than ever before. The president of the competition, Amanda Blue, reported “Forbes” from more than 5000 registrations from 40 countries. “This year has cemented our status as the premier spirits competition in the world,” said Blue.

Quelle: Forbes, World Spirits Competition, The Northern Scot

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