Written by CPS draft Sanitary and catering facilities sent back for revision

Tonight, December 25, Deputy head of the government apparatus, Yuri Lyubimov held a meeting to discuss the CPS developed a draft Sanitary for food service establishments. It was attended by the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova, member of the Board of “OPORA Russia” Natalia Ushakov, the President of the Federation of restaurateurs and hoteliers, Igor Bukharov, as well as representatives of major restaurant groups. About this “Vedomosti” told four members of this meeting.

the Discussion was constructive, I assure the interlocutors “Vedomosti”. “We heard each other,” adds one of them. Business again reminded that in the new version of Sanitary still a lot of requirements to the work process, not the result remained the duplication of rules and powers of the Supervisory authorities, says another source.

One of the main objectives of the “guillotine” – the deliverance of business from overlapping events, reminiscent of Ushakov. For example, it is necessary to clearly divide powers between the CPS and restroom control work. The objective of the first Agency – together with the Ministry of health to develop rules and terms of the organization of medical examinations, and the second is to monitor compliance by employers of this order.

a Dispute about Sanping restaurateurs and the CPS lead for a year. Now the industry is working on obsolete document written in the first half of the last century. To conform to the standards of this document cannot. For example, he States that eggs should be three rooms, one store, another wash, in the third beat. Vegetables and greens should be washed in acetic solution, a dish – washing cloth.

Where does the fight for clean chicken eggs For the discrepancy between the sanitary regulations with the reality of pay in any case, consumers Opinions

From next year, these Sanitary and other regulations should be abolished. Restaurateurs suggested documentTA. It provides for control, not for cooking, but for their quality.

CPS its final version was presented at the end of November. It was significantly reduced compared to the current Samename, but still based on the possibility of control over the cooking.

the Document was criticized by both business and the relevant ministries – the Ministry of industry and trade and Ministry of economic development. The business claimed that the project of the new Sanitary was even worse than the old. Take, for example, requirements for a shared room, the interior of which needs to be made of surfaces that can be wiped and disinfected, or a requirement for use in restaurants exclusively sanitized utensils and partings. None of the existing restaurants checking on SanPiN will not work, they stated.

the Ministry considers the project as a Sanitary barrier in the development of the industry. The Ministry of economic development pointed to the unwarranted tightening of certain norms and the preservation of the set of “process requirements” and criticized the CPS for ignoring procedures for public discussion of the document.

as a result, restaurateurs have prepared for the meeting in the government table of the differences of the 81 points. Popov promised to study and Friday to submit an updated draft Sanitary.

the Representative of Rospotrebnadzor did not respond to a request “Vedomosti”.