Yandex plans this year to launch the testing service of car-sharing in Europe, told the Financial Times (FT) the General Director “Yandex.Drive” Anton Ryazanov. The company will start with 1000 EVS in one of the cities of the European Union, but haven’t decided which one. According to Ryazanov, Yandex chooses among cities with favourable conditions for electric vehicles, including those between Madrid and Copenhagen, as well as among the cities in France and Italy.

the Representative of “Yandex.Drive” from further declined to comment.

“Yandex.Drive” – Russia’s largest car sharing service in the fleet size. The FT also calls it the largest in the world – more than 21,000 machines. While the service only works in Russia and home market revenue in 2018 yielded a competitor – “Telemobil”; data for 2019 yet.

“Dailymobile” (12 500 of their own machines in the Park and 1000 affiliate) has started the European roll-out in 2019 it service Anytime began to work in Prague. The company previously announced plans to enter the Polish market, but not yet running there. Also, “Telemobil” operates in Belarus and Kazakhstan.

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after five years, “Telemobil” will work no less than 19 countries and 90 cities, said its founder Vincenzo Trani at the end of 2019 in an interview with “Vedomosti”. The company’s goal is to enter the three largest by revenue of operators of car-sharing in the world. While leading the United Car2Go and DriveNow company ShareNow, on 2nd place – American ZipCar.

But the priority of developing countries, stressed Trani: “the European Economy is not in very good situation <...> the next 5-10 years waiting for her stagnation. To focus on the stagnating market is illogical.” The representative of “Dailymobile” plans to enter the markets of othermany countries confirmed, declining to disclose details.

unlike In Europe, where car-sharing is dominated by companies with investment from automakers, Russia is the market for technology companies, the FT notes: in addition to “Yandex” and “Telemobile” it presents Group c service YouDrive. Have YouDrive, while operating only in Russia, also has plans for the development of overseas business, said his spokesman, but specific plans, he did not disclose. Now, according to him, in fleet service over 2000 vehicles, the plan is to increase that number to 10,000 by August 2020.

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From the transport services of “Yandex” more experience abroad than the competition. “Yandex.Taxi” went beyond the CIS in 2016, first in Georgia, and in 2018 – to Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Serbia. Then the service has continued its expansion under the brand Yango: côte d’ivoire in October 2018, Finland – in November 2018, Israel – in December 2018, Ghana and Romania – in June 2019 in Total, the service operates in 17 countries.

For “Yandex” the European expansion of its car sharing service may be seeking additional growth points of the business, the analyst of BCS Global Markets Maria Sukhanova. But, she warns, the market-share of “Yandex” will be more difficult to achieve positive results abroad than in the taxi market. This business involves more active offline, the analyst said: we need a fleet of vehicles must serve. “In addition, the European market for “Yandex” is not a home – take time to understand it and to develop the processes and Economics of the project,” says Sukhanov.