Shortness of breath and tear for the second act of the “yellow vests” The gathering of the “yellow vests” has turned to confrontation with the forces of law and order on the Champs Elysees. BENJAMIN GIRETTE / HANS LUCAS FOR “THE WORLD”

A week after a first Saturday of blockages and actions everywhere in France, on 17 November, the “yellow vests” have provided the cover, this Saturday, for a ” second act “. But the response was significantly less than a week earlier, according to estimates of the ministry of the interior, which has counted a little more than 106 000 “yellow vests” in the country, compared to 282 000 on the 17th of November.

in Paris, on 8 000 demonstrators who had made the trip were, in principle, assemble on the Champ-de-Mars, the only gathering place authorized by the prefecture. It is finally on the Champs-Elysées that they are massaged. And although the “yellow vests” claim ” pacifist “, the atmosphere quickly escalated. The jets of projectiles, lights and barricades, the police responded by firing tear gas and water canons.

The clashes, which lasted from the morning to the early evening, have made twenty-four wounded, including five members of the security forces, according to the prefecture of police of Paris. 103 people were arrested in the capital and 101, placed in police custody.

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