From our special envoy in Dubai

“My cousins in al-Hodeïda do not stop to hear explosions around them, explosions are incessant, worry about it on Twitter, Sadeq, a resident of Sana’a, the capital, 220 km from the port city of the Red sea. My family feels completely isolated, Internet no longer works, fortunately they can still call me with their cell phones to know whether the war will finally stop.” For more than ten days, the coalition saoudo-uae, supported by the west, has intensified its strikes against al-Hodeïda, held by the rebels houthistes, supported by Iran. Day by day, the list of the dead grows longer: 382 since the 1st of November. Monday morning, a new balance was a state of at least 110 rebels killed in 24 hours, and 32 loyalists and seven civilians. Thursday already, more than 120 people had been killed in the violence that took place, now the heart of the city, not far from the port, grasp the strategic …

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