Weakened by the assassination to the worldwide coverage of a dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi, the crown prince of saudi arabia Mohammed Bin Salman will he be forced to relent in the war that he has unwisely triggered in Yemen, where his forces and those of its allies in the uae are mired for the past three years? One could think so when, last Wednesday, its sponsor, u.s. raised the tone to call for a cease-fire under thirty days between the belligerents of this conflict, far away, where several tens of thousands of civilians are dead in a near-indifference.

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at one time, the secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, and Jim Mattis, the boss of the Pentagon, demanded a cessation of bombing saoudo-emirati on the positions of their enemies, the rebels houthistes supported by Iran, which must cease their missile attacks on the territories of saudi arabia and émirien. Calls immediately relayed by the …

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