A once alcoholic man from the USA has made it: he earns a considerable sum of money with the Internet. He earns more than $20,000 a month for a maximum of ten hours of online work per week. The father of the family now gives tips on passive sources of income.

YouTube, Facebook, TikTok: If you act intelligently, you can make a lot of money on the Internet. Judd Albring from the US city of Chicago proved that. Due to his alcohol problem, the 50-year-old was unable to find a permanent job for a long time. But then he got his consumer behavior under control and worked as a taxi driver. He also cleaned windows on weekends.

Albring was not satisfied with that. “I wanted to do my own thing. Not only did I want to decide when and how long I took vacation, I also wanted to write my own paycheck,” he writes on his YouTube channel. So in 2017 he started researching how to make money online. “[I] taught myself digital marketing because I wanted to make extra money from home while taking care of my boys,” he told Business Insider. Because his wife is a teacher, so he had the role of house husband.

The family man created a YouTube channel and released his first video to share remote job tips, work from home opportunities and affiliate marketing advice. His goal was to earn $1,000 a month. But disappointment followed: Albring only received $0.13 for recommending a book.

But he didn’t give up, which paid off: the following year his subscribers grew and he was making a few dollars a day from Google AdSense, an online service for placing advertisements on websites. When the corona pandemic was already in full swing in September 2021, many people suddenly looked for ways to earn money remotely, the family man recalls. Numerous users came across a video of the 50-year-old. It finally got 5.2 million views and now he has 305,000 subscribers on YouTube – and in his videos he gives tips on all aspects of work. “I started making several hundred dollars a day from the YouTube Affiliate Program and even more from the products I recommended in my videos,” he recalls.

“Don’t put everything on one card”

Now, thanks to its reputation, Albring receives commissions from software and training companies that help people start and grow online businesses. He also earns money by marketing job websites. He recently started making one-minute review videos for the “Amazon Influencer Program,” which pays him over $2,000 a month in 60 days. According to his own statements, he works eight to ten hours a week and earns over 20,000 US dollars a month – figures checked by “Businessinsider”.

“It’s all about creating quality content – not quantity – and getting it to the right people,” explains the successful YouTuber and online marketing executive. He advises, “Don’t risk everything by using just one social media platform.” So he not only publishes his videos on YouTube, but also on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. This brings him additional income. Therefore, formulating a good title is also important for success on the Internet. Albring uses the hashtag “workfromhome” in its content.

And he recommends viewing social media as a business rather than entertainment. “Once I stopped worrying about what other people post and what they think of me, it all happened really quickly,” says the 50-year-old. And further: “[I] pursued everything I could and learned from those who had what I wanted.” For example, he worked with the marketer and entrepreneur Russell Brunson and read his book “Expert Secrets”. He also follows the Smart Passive Income podcast.

Making money online requires patience

Today, Albring has 80 percent of its work done by freelancers from all over the world. He also recently hired a Google Ads specialist to turn his YouTube videos into one-minute clips for Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook. The 50-year-old makes it clear: “You have to be patient and consistent.” Because it takes time for the algorithms operating in social media to get to know the content and finally display it to the appropriate target group.

The influencer strongly recommends building an email list. Because: “I earn most of my money with emails.” He uses the “ActiveCampaign” tool to plan and send all his emails. The aim is to recommend various products and training courses and to impart knowledge. In addition, his emails contain affiliate links, which earn him commissions if his readers buy something via the link. But he says, “What doesn’t work in email is trying to sell something in every email.”

In the meantime, the former alcoholic has built up a passive income and now only spends his “working hours” researching video ideas online and making short films, as he reports.

Sources: Businessinsider, YouTube