Zakharov: not in the interests of the Czechs to spoil relations with Moscow

Official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova believes that the expulsion of two Russian diplomats and a confrontation with Russia is not needed by the Czechs. Relations with Russia are deliberately spoils part of the elite of the Czech Republic, said Zakharov on Sunday the TV channel “Russia 1”.

Zakharov said that the government did not ask the Czechs how to build relations with Russia. The confrontation with Moscow does not appear in the “internal agenda” of the Czech Republic, convinced the representative of the foreign Ministry.

According to Zakharova, the anti-Russian part of the Czech elite controls the West. “Who is behind this elite, we have already shown in the example of this whole dirty campaign on the transfer and the dismantling of the monument to Konev,” — said Zakharov.

the Czech foreign Ministry on 5 June, has demanded from Russia to withdraw two employees of the diplomatic mission. They will return to Moscow on Sunday.