Zelensky may be in the same boat with gorizontom Poroshenko

may 20, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky gave a press-conference dedicated to the anniversary of the inauguration. In contrast to the last — 14-hour — this press conference did not last long — only three hours, during which journalists had time to ask 22 times. Zelensky answered evasively and mysteriously and often with a question, so that the journalists agreed that even to quote nothing. Except that Zelensky has declared that all the same can go for a second term. Previously, he firmly declared, that he came only for one cadence. In General, it was emphasized in the easy style.

Zelensky said that not doing anything bad. But at the same time and nothing good Zelensky also does not. Yeah, the year changed Verkhovna Rada. It has lost most, and now Poroshenko in its coalition. Yes, appointed the youngest Prime Minister Goncharuk — but seven months later and replaced him on Smagala, who also stars in the sky is not enough. Yes, took the head of the administration of the lawyer Kolomoisky Bogdan, then changed it to Ermak.

Strategy as it was not Zelensky, and no. In relations with Donbass — stagnation and sluggish war. The promised peace has not come. The promised abstraction of the Ukrainian troops from the demarcation line did not take place. Attacks became more. In relations with Russia and Europe, too, success is not enough. America is the worst.

it seems that the fear Zelensky to drop your rating paralyzed the President of Ukraine and he wants to cast charm to buy time, all giving hope and creating expectations. But there are situations when a smile can’t hide, and frowned a little.

right now against Poroshenko has evidence incriminating evidence. Verkhovna Rada Deputy Andriy Derkach gave a press conference, where he presented audio recordings of the negotiations between President Poroshenko and Vice President Biden. From the films, it became clear that Biden was not joking when he said that Ukraine pays more time than his wife. But it is clear tnow, why: in Ukraine, Joe Biden seems to have earned personally. That is not only his son hunter Biden, who worked at the fictitious company “Burisma” in Ukraine, receiving no fabulous money, but the Biden — family — millions of dollars “for consultations.”

the meaning of the consultation was to pressure the then President Poroshenko, so that he immediately sacked the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Shokin. After all, Shokin left on the corruption track, the Biden family — father Joe, and a son, hunter, who illegally enriched themselves in Ukraine. For the dismissal of unwanted Shokin, against which, in the words of Poroshenko, there is nothing Vice President Biden promises to Poroshenko neither more nor less than a billion dollars. Billion dollars for Ukraine, which will be able to master of Poroshenko’s company that received military contracts, “Lenin’s smithy” and “Bogdan”. Attorney General Poroshenko fired, and then at the urging of Biden — and even the Prime Minister Yatsenyuk. In General, it’s the story of corruption and treason.

Andriy Derkach said that the film has received from certain investigative journalists. But there is little doubt that the discharge occurred through the security Service of Ukraine. It is Ukrainian tradition since the films of the major Melnichenko against Kuchma. It is also important that it was recorded by Poroshenko. His voice sounds much more clearly than the American sides.

What now? Zelensky, no matter how he wanted to keep neutrality between Biden and trump will have to respond. Equidistance this time is impossible, otherwise he would be in Alliance with gorizontom Poroshenko. Should respond and trump, who certainly will use this card in full, because Biden in these films appears and corrupting, and corrupted. Of course, the Democrats on the side of Biden will again scream about Russian interference in the elections. Although it would seem, where the Russians when it comes about the talks between the higher officials face of Ukraine and Vice-President of the United States? Poroshenko is sure to be a sell out. They say that I am not me the horse is not mine, and the film tampered with.

the Films a lot. There are only short fragments. But they are already sensational for Ukraine and America. Deputy Andrey Derkach has directed all materials to the competent authorities of Ukraine and the United States. Initiated the creation in the Verkhovna Rada parliamentary Commission of inquiry. Obviously, he with these materials will have to fly to the USA to speak to the senators. In short, the only thing still spins. And there is a lot of exciting twists and turns.

Text: “News of the week”