Sunglasses were invented to protect the eyes from UV rays. In the meantime, they are no longer the number one fashion accessory only in summer. These are the sunglasses trends for men in 2022.

Hardly any other fashion accessory is as popular in summer as sunglasses. For cyclists and joggers, sun protection for the face has more of a practical use. On the one hand, it keeps flies and other insects flying around away from sensitive eyes. On the other hand, it is simply for safety – especially when the sun is low in the sky. It goes without saying that the sunglasses should also look stylish and catch the eye of others if possible. That is exactly what is important in everyday life. Nowadays, sunglasses should not only match the face and the shape of the head, but also the outfit. She is welcome to come across as extravagant. If the glasses also reliably protect the eyes from harmful UV radiation, then a man can really be seen. So much can be revealed: men are also becoming at least a little braver when it comes to sunglasses. Here are the 2022 sunglasses trends.

1. Aviator glasses

For almost a century, the so-called aviator model has been one of the most popular sunglasses models ever – and of course it will also be one of the sunglasses trends for men in 2022. Ray Ban has had the legendary aviator glasses in their range since the 1930s. Originally developed for the US Air Force, the classic with the large, slightly teardrop-shaped lenses and the special tint blossomed into a worldwide cult object. Also in the summer of 2022 men with the timeless evergreen called aviator glasses are spot on. By the way: Aviators are particularly good for men with a rather angular face because of the rounded lenses. This Alpina model is available in four different styles, including the one with the classic brownish-yellow tinted lenses.

2. Shield Glasses

The so-called Shield glasses have been in vogue for a while. In sports, but also in leisure time, glasses are getting bigger again. The continuous glass covers and covers the entire upper half of the face over a large area. It’s not elegant. But eye-catching and fully in line with the retro trend. If you own a retro bike, you can’t avoid Shield glasses with an extra large visor at the moment. The developers at US eyewear pioneer Oakley have been leading the way here for years. Bikers, streetwear fans, outdoor enthusiasts and guys who want to make a statement with their glasses are guaranteed not to go wrong with Shield glasses, which are also available in bright frame colors. Here’s the Jawbreaker, an Oakley cult piece, with a bright yellow frame.

3. Double bridge glasses

Two are better than one, one might initially assume when looking at another design trend on the sunglass market. The bridge above the actual nose bridge is no more, but also no less than an optical highlight that significantly changes the character of the double bridge glasses. They seem more elegant and give many models a touch of sophistication. The shape of the lenses is irrelevant. By the way, the design idea of ​​the second bridge is not entirely new. However, as is often the case in the fashion world, trends come and go over the years. This one is back now. And that’s good. A cheap model for hiking and trekking tours, but also a trip to the lake is available here.

4. Wayfarer and square glasses

The wayfarer is also a classic among sun (glasses) worshipers. Distinctive, trapezoidal frame, wide temples and two silver rivets on the outside of the front. The secret of the success of the glasses presented in the USA in the early 1950s: the frame design can hardly be deformed. Or better: it flatters almost every face shape. In addition to Marilyn Monroe, some of the most famous Wayfarer wearers include the Beatles and James Dean. One of the pioneers is Ray Ban. A classic model in the color Light Havana is available here. In a similar style, only with an even thicker frame and consistently rectangular lenses, the so-called square glasses have been attracting interested glances since 2020. At first, the pieces were only designed and marketed by top-class designers. In the meantime, the angular eye-catchers are also affordable for average consumers. Here’s a model from Asos Design with an extra-thick frame and tinted lenses. Have courage, men!

5. Stylish sports glasses

Germany is slowly picking up speed again. Never before has there been so much jogging, cycling and walking. And here, too, men like to wear sunglasses. Not the flashy Shield model, nor the sleek Wayfarer. Somewhere in between are the sports glasses with that special something, an eye-catcher, a small colored accent or another special detail. It should be light, it should protect your eyes. Stylish sports glasses are experiencing a small renaissance. It doesn’t always have to be colorful. Discreet with an accent, but functional – that’s the trend in sports Germany. The range of such sports glasses is large. If possible, try out the model of your choice before you buy it. This allows you to quickly determine which lens shape best suits your facial proportions. After all, the eye drives and runs with it.

Type advice: Which sunglasses suit me?

The round must go into the square. So it goes in an old football wisdom. And the same goes for sunglasses. According to experts, glasses with round lenses look more harmonious on faces with corners and edges. And the reverse also works. Angular frames and distinctive frames with temples set as high as possible look better on more rounded faces. They also stretch a little. Men with more oval facial features, on the other hand, can draw from the full. Oval faces are considered particularly harmonious and goggle-friendly. Men with narrow heads, on the other hand, should opt for oval frames and rather wide lens shapes to visually compress the face a little.

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