Former soccer professional Thorsten Legat was so badly injured during rehearsals for “RTL high diving” that a testicle had to be amputated. Legat had landed unhappily in the water during a jump.

The “RTL high diving” didn’t bring luck to ex-soccer player and jungle camp participant Thorsten Legat. During rehearsals for the show, which aired June 3, Legat was injured so badly that he will soon have to have a testicle amputated. The 53-year-old reports this in a video published on Monday on “”. “At first I thought the world was falling upside down because I was shocked and sad.”

Doctors: Testicles can no longer be saved

According to the report, one of Legat’s testicles was ruptured when it hit the surface of the water four weeks ago – the doctors said it could not be saved. “I’m actually only getting an implant in there. I’ve been enlightened, it’s like a breast implant,” said the father of two sons. The surgery is scheduled for mid-August.

The accident happened while jumping from a three-meter board. After that, Legat even continued training. Only after the affected testicle had swollen “almost as big as a balloon” did a doctor determine that Legat had a testicular tear, a hematoma and also a bladder infection.