Shock in the morning in Oberhausen: A bus and a tram collide on a driveway to a high route. There are numerous injuries. Both vehicles are badly damaged. Now the search for the cause begins.

When a bus collided with a tram, numerous people were injured in Oberhausen. A spokeswoman for Oberhausener Stadtwerke STOAG spoke of around 20 slightly injured or traumatized and six seriously injured passengers.

According to the police, a seriously injured person was taken to the hospital by helicopter. Buses and trams were badly damaged. There was initially no information on the extent of the damage.

The accident happened around 10:50 a.m. at the entrance to a elevated route for buses and trams, which at the scene of the accident near the Olgapark station is about ten meters above the roadway for other traffic. Both vehicles were well occupied with passengers, said the STOAG spokeswoman.

The busy route had to be closed to record the accident. The lockdown should last until the evening. After the accident, the bus and tram were wedged together and had to be carefully released and taken off the track.

How the collision came about is being carefully examined, said the STOAG spokeswoman. An expert is on site for this purpose. The bus drove up and collided with the approaching tram. The right of way is regulated at the driveway with traffic lights. Bus and tram drivers were unharmed, said the STOAG spokeswoman and her colleague at the Essen Ruhrbahn, for which the tram was on the road.