According to the public prosecutor’s office, the question of criminal responsibility should be clarified there. The 21-year-old suspect has been silent since his crossbow attack at a school in Bremerhaven.

After the attack with a crossbow in a Bremerhaven high school, the suspect is examined in a psychiatric ward to determine his criminal responsibility.

The 21-year-old was transferred from custody to a psychiatric facility last week by order of the district court, said senior public prosecutor Oliver Constien. Whether the suspect is guilty or not can be determined better there than in a prison. The temporary accommodation does not change anything about the charge.

School staff out of danger

The school employee who was seriously injured in the attack three weeks ago is now out of danger. “Your condition is stable,” said the chief prosecutor.

The suspect is said to have shot her with a crossbow. He is also said to have fired shots in the air with a blank pistol, Constien said.

Shortly after the crime, the police arrested the man near the crime scene. He is accused of attempted murder. He continues to exercise his right to remain silent, Constien said.