She was allowed to solve twenty cases in Stralsund, the quotas were high, but now Katharina Wackernagel is looking for new challenges.

The actress Katharina Wackernagel stops at the ZDF series “Stralsund”. The 43-year-old had been the leading actress in the Saturday night crime thriller since 2009. “As Commissioner Nina Petersen, I have solved a total of 20 exciting criminal cases with my team,” Wackernagel was quoted as saying by ZDF on Wednesday.

“I will miss this character, which I was able to help shape and develop for 13 years,” Wackernagel continues. “Like the beautiful Stralsund. Although it was really cold at times during filming – I loved it.” Even if it’s not easy for her to say goodbye, she’s looking forward to “all the new tasks and challenges that lie ahead of me,” explained the actress. Your last case “Stralsund – The Red Line” is expected to run in autumn 2022.

With the 21st episode, Jule Zabek will join the homicide squad. She is played by Sophie Pfennigstorf (32), who has already met viewers in a number of thrillers such as “Friesland”, “Tatort” and “Die Toten von Salzburg”. Filming is currently underway for the first episode.