Donald Trump’s Twitter activation was just the beginning: Now Elon Musk is having Twitter vote on whether all blocked users can get involved again – with a few exceptions.

Elon Musk keeps the Twitter world in suspense: just a few days ago he reversed Donald Trump’s Twitter ban. Musk is now letting users vote on whether to unlock all banned accounts.

The poll Musk launched on Wednesday reads, “Should Twitter offer a general amnesty for all suspended accounts unless they’ve broken the law or engaged in egregious spam?” Voting runs until the early evening of our time.

Musk also voted on the return of Trump, who was banned after his supporters stormed the Capitol. Out of 15 million poll participants, 52 percent voted for Trump’s return. The ex-president, who announced his renewed candidacy, has not yet tweeted. Trump said he wanted to stay true to his own platform, Truth Social.

Elon Musk fuels fear of hatred and fake news on Twitter

Musk has been turning Twitter inside out in a wild zigzag since his takeover at the end of October. He fired the old management floor and most of the employees. He wanted to convert the blue tick function for verified users into a subscription model, which went horribly wrong. Because every prankster could now pretend to be a celebrity or company account, chaos ensued, so the tick subscription was stopped again for the time being.

The unblocking of users blocked on Twitter is of particular concern to Musk, since he acts as an advocate for free speech and an opponent of censorship. Actually, he wanted to set up a “Content Moderation Council” for this purpose. Now he simply lets the public vote on Twitter.

In addition to Donald Trump, Musk has already brought controversial people out of ban such as musician Kanye West, who had made anti-Semitic statements, or kickboxer Andrew Tate, known for homophobic and misogynistic statements. Musk’s critics have major concerns about future action against hate speech and fake news on the short message service. Musk has also fired most of the employees who are supposed to moderate such content.