After Elon Musk fired two-thirds of all employees at Twitter, he is looking for new specialists. However, they have to adjust to a tough pace.

Ever since Elon Musk took the helm at Twitter, the company has been navigating through one storm after another. In the meantime, the US billionaire has lost two-thirds of the team, and many advertisers are also withdrawing from the unpredictable chaos. But Musk is undeterred in his office – and continues to follow through with his plan for Twitter. As “The Verge” reports, the remaining crew is apparently no longer sufficient to realize the dreams of the new owner in a timely manner.

Elon Musk fires and hires

Accordingly, Musk announced in a meeting with all employees that he was now looking for new specialists again – and everyone was invited to make suggestions. He said he needed developers and sales professionals in particular. Mind you, Musk started the call after he fired parts of the sales department on the same day and just last week vacated two high sales positions in Robin Wheeler and Maggie McLean Suniewick.

Musk didn’t say exactly what positions he would like to fill, but noted that people who are “very good at writing software” are a top priority. Already last week there were first reports that HR had contacted developers and offered to talk about a job at “Twitter 2.0 – an Elon Company”.

Twitter isn’t moving to Texas

Yesterday’s meeting, Monday, was the first gathering of those who answered Musk’s “hardcore email” with a “yes” (read more here). A change of location was also discussed there, because many had feared that Musk – like Tesla – wanted to move Twitter from California to Texas. The boss said no. He cited the public image as the reason, because a move to conservative Texas could, in the eyes of his critics, confirm that he was making Twitter a right-wing platform, which was not the case.

Musk placed his Twitter in the mainstream, saying, “We need to represent people with a wide range of views, even if we disagree with those views.” However, this does not apply to his employees – because last week Musk had kicked out anyone who questioned the new boss on Twitter or in the company chat.

Unblocked newcomers Andrew Tate, Donald Trump and Kanye West also paint a different picture of the platform’s political leanings (read more here).

Once a week for reporting

According to The Verge, hard times are coming for the remaining and new employees – because even if Musk is again looking for staff, he stays on course. In an internal memo, Musk announced that he is now requesting a weekly report from every employee summarizing the performance of the past few days. In the email he would like to see code snippets, summaries of completed tasks and descriptions of personal goals in the company. The message ends with the sentence: “I look forward to making Twitter the top performing tech software company in the world.”