Pumping up bicycle or car tires by hand is a strenuous task. Mini compressors are an elegant alternative to muscle power. The comparison reveals which models are available and how they work.

Whether by car or bicycle, it is important to check the tire pressure before long trips. Drivers usually head for the nearest gas station and cyclists pack a mini pump in their jersey pocket. For most cyclists, this is just as much part of the standard equipment as a replacement inner tube.

At home, however, there is a far more convenient way to give tires new air: mini compressors. They work no differently than their big brothers, but are much handier and some are equipped with a rechargeable battery. Electric mini-compressors without a battery usually draw their power from the cigarette lighter in the car. Many models also offer displays that show how much pressure is in the tire.

Bosch mini compressor

An electric tool that the manufacturer Bosch does not have in its range has yet to be invented. Of course, Bosch also offers a mini compressor. According to the manufacturer, it is just as suitable for bicycle tires as it is for cars and balls. This is made possible by various valves that are included in the scope of delivery of the mini compressor. According to the manufacturer, the compressor takes 2 minutes and 43 seconds to inflate a car tire to 2 to 2.5 bar. One battery charge is enough for five car tires and six bicycle tires. Practical: Bosch stows the various valve attachments under a sliding device on the handle.

Xiaomi Mini Compressor

Xiaomi also has a mini compressor in its range. According to the manufacturer, it is suitable for bicycle and car tires as well as balls. A presta-valve and a needle-valve adapter are included in the scope of delivery. The battery of the Xiaomi compressor is charged via the USB-C interface. The compressor brings a maximum pressure of 10.34 bar to a tire. Compared to the Bosch device, however, the battery is a bit weaker. One battery charge only manages two car tires from zero to one hundred. The preset modes for bicycles, motorbikes, cars and balls are nice. They offer adjustable ranges so that the pressure in the hoop or ball is perfect. When it gets dark and you want to inflate a tire, the Xiaomi compressor also offers the help of a small light.

Wistrue air pump

The mini compressor from Wistrue is interesting for outdoor fans. Its light is significantly larger than that of Xiaomi’s compressor. Here buyers have the luxury of a small flashlight. The manufacturer’s idea of ​​being able to use the mini compressor as a front or rear light on a bicycle is really creative. If you don’t need the compressor to inflate or use it as a light, you can also use it as a power bank for your smartphone. Thanks to various attachments, the Wistrue model donates car, bicycle and swimming tires as well as footballs and basketballs. Like the Xiaomi Compressor, it offers different modes for bike, car, ball and motorcycle. As with the compressors presented so far, you can of course also see the air pressure on a small LCD display. The mini compressor gets its power via USB-C. An adapter for the cigarette lighter is included.

Electric air pump

For the big boomers you need a slightly larger gun and that is exactly what this electric air pump is. It is particularly suitable for air mattresses that have a large opening. Unfortunately, the cordless compressor does not inflate car and bicycle tires. And the Brummer doesn’t function as a flashlight or power bank either. According to the manufacturer, the battery is sufficient for 30 to 40 minutes of air mattresses

Zovhyya battery air pump

The end of the comparison is again an all-rounder, this time from Zovhyya. In this model, too, the battery is charged via the USB-C socket. The battery compressor can also be used as a flashlight or power bank. At 4500 mAh, the battery is slightly smaller than the other compressors, which also offer both features. Thanks to various attachments, the electric air pump supplies air to car and bicycle tires as well as to balls or swimming rings. The battery compressor uses an LCD display to show how much pressure is on the tire.

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