Alexander Ponomarenko:

“Sheremetyevo” for the last two years, from December 2017, built new facilities by approximately $1.2 billion: Russia’s largest freight terminal, underground tunnel under the airfield, refueling complex (TZK), In the terminal, and finally, last Friday launched the terminal S1. The capacity of the “Sheremetyevo” has reached 80 million people a year. In investing there is a pause, and the next terminal will be built before 2026 But now the airport is planning its long-term development of not to 80 million and 100 million passengers. In an interview with “Vedomosti” co-owner of the airport, the Chairman of the Board Alexander Ponomarenko said, why this was possible and why the airport won’t need to build the seventh terminal G, and the co-investor search for “Sheremetyevo”.

Three days ago, your new terminal C1 took its first flight. When it will be transferred to all international flights of “Aeroflot” and the terminal will operate at full capacity?

All international flights base the carrier at the new terminal will not translate. Its capacity is 20 million passengers per year, the capabilities of terminal b, which receives domestic flights of “Aeroflot”, also 20 million While “Aeroflot” carries almost 40 million people. The bandwidth limit will decrease level of service.

So the part of international flights of “Aeroflot” it is more comfortable to write in terminal D. Flight terminal will be transferred gradually in the course of this year. By the end of the year “Aeroflot” will transfer to the international flights, the equivalent of transporting 14 million passengers a year (“Aeroflot” in a year transports about 20 million passengers on international routes. – “Vedomosti”). But since the translation will be smooth this year With a planned terminal will take about 7.3 million passengers.

– What interior and technological features Terminal S1?

Terminal combines the terminal In a single facade and a single internal space. The terminal, like the terminal, made in the aesthetics of Russian constructivism, designed by architects RMJM international companies. The main thing that distinguishes this direction from the other movements in architecture – at the heart of the artistic image lies in design and functionality. The basic idea reflected in the design of floors, ceilings, walls and columns. In the interiors applied to the main natural granite and marble slabs, frosted and transparent glass with light, diversified one wall panel, and in the interior there is natural and artificial landscaping.

– the opening ceremony was presented by the so-called chip of the terminal, a unique object for attracting attention of passengers. What would it be?

– This is a mechanical art object “globe” with a height of 15 m, the ceiling: a spinning globe with synchronously moving around the satellites. In the composition of the object there

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