Amazon founder Jeff Bezos will soon receive his sailing yacht “Koru”. But it won’t be the only ship accompanying the billionaire on his ocean adventures.

2023 will be an exciting year for Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. He had to wait a long time, but soon he will be able to receive the world’s largest sailing yacht “Koru” (currently called “Y721”, IMO 9857298). The 127-meter ship is currently in the dock of “Greenport” in the Eeemhaven near Pernis, near Rotterdam. But the record-breaking yacht isn’t the only ship waiting to be deployed on the high seas – Bezos had a second yacht called “Wingman” built to accompany the “Koru” as a support ship, or “shadow ship”.

The term “Schattenschiff” is loosely translated and comes from the English word “shadow vessel”, the official name for yachts like the “Wingman”. It describes a ship that always moves “in the shadow” of a larger ship, taking on important tasks and cargo that have no place on board the main yacht or are simply undesirable.

$75 million for a second ship

Jeff Bezos had an unusually large auxiliary ship built for the “Koru”, which is currently being built at the Damen Yachting shipyard. The billionaire apparently gave the order years ago. The “Wingman” is 75 meters long, is said to have cost 75 million US dollars and accommodates a 20-strong crew. Damen Yachting writes: “The ship can accommodate a class D14 helicopter, has the latest environmental equipment and can accommodate containers with relief supplies, as well as a wide range of specialized ship’s equipment and tenders.” In addition to the crew, there is space for guests who – for whatever reason – should not spend the night on board the sailing yacht.

For the shipyard, the “YS 7512”, as the project is called, is the largest project to date. The exact equipment is secret, it is known from other shadow ships that vehicles such as jet skis and dinghies are usually loaded, sometimes submarines are parked on board and medical facilities can also be part of the ship, for example pressure or decompression chambers for treating diving accidents.

Sailing yacht has no place on deck

In fact, such a ship makes sense as an escort for the sailing yacht “Koru” simply because the deck of the mega yacht does not offer space for a helicopter landing pad due to the gigantic masts.

The “Wingman” is currently sailing under the Dutch flag and is undergoing various tests, delivery should take place soon. Appropriate, because the “Koru” is also likely to sail the seas with her owner on board for the first time this season.

By the way: The name “Koru” is Maori and means the unfurling frond of the silver fern. An integral part of New Zealand art, “koru” symbolizes renewal, rebirth and personal growth for Bezos, according to a post on Instagram. The meaning of the name “Wingman” is less cryptic, however.

Sources: Superyachtfan/esysman