As shocking as some of the revelations in the Amber Heard vs. Johnny Depp trial are, some of them are also bizarre and unbelievable.

The bitter trial between Amber Heard (36) and Johnny Depp (58) in front of a US court in the state of Virginia has been going on for over a month. As serious as the allegations of violence, lies and abuse that the former spouses accuse each other of, some of the events in the courtroom were bizarre. And so the size of supposed dog poo was discussed, objections were made to one’s own question, or hearty laughs were made at Depp’s little Johnny. Here are the five most bizarre moments during the process so far.

Heard’s attorney objects to himself

Anyone who regularly tunes into the live broadcast from the courtroom might get the impression that a lawyer’s job consists of saying exactly two words over and over again: “Objection” (“Objection”) and “Hearsay” (“Hearsay”) “). On one court day, however, one of Heard’s lawyers took it to the extreme when he cut off a witness with exactly those two terms.

It’s just stupid that he had previously asked the question himself, which then led to his objection – which the responsible judge reminded him of, puzzled. Depp and his lawyer could not help but laugh at this faux pas, and scorn and ridicule broke out online for the lawyer, who raised an objection against himself.

Questions about penises cause roaring laughter

Speaking of laughter: Some questions and the corresponding answers took such an absurd direction that at times the whole room had to laugh. When Deep’s security guard asked Starling Jenkins if he could see Johnny Depp’s penis as the actor allegedly relieved himself in the foyer of his own home, his perplexed “no” caused unbridled laughter.

Depp himself could not contain himself given the fact that his best piece has now become the topic of conversation at the trial. He sank down on the table at that moment, laughing and with his head buried in his arms, even his legal team visibly trying to keep their composure.

Even the judge is flabbergasted

One moment when Judge Penney Azcarate appeared to be at odds with her job choice came after questioning another witness. Alejandro Romero, the concierge of a building in which Depp owns several apartments, chose a very unusual location for the video survey. He made himself comfortable behind the wheel of his car – but not only that.

In the middle of the questioning, Romero put a vape in his mouth and puffed with relish. As if that wasn’t enough, he then pulled out of the parking lot and casually drove his car around while answering more questions. After the farce, the cameraman in the courtroom zoomed in close to the face of the baffled judge, who first had to process what she had just experienced with a twisted corner of her mouth and an empty stare.

The “Muffin Man”

Another scene from the courtroom brought back memories of the “Shrek” series for many viewers. Because for a surprisingly long time, a lawyer for the actress kept asking about muffins that the husband of Heard’s psychologist Elaine Bredehoft got. What exactly the lawyer was aiming for was not really clear to anyone.

Visibly annoyed by the questions, the psychologist then said a sentence that has probably never been heard in any court in the world: “May I clarify what happened so that we can finally stop talking about muffins?” Of course, the exchange of blows caused numerous “Muffin Mann” memes.

Too big a pile of dogs

As much as one would like to avoid it, the shameful “faecal matter in bed” story has to be mentioned along the way. After all, both parties argued in all seriousness about the size of the heap. The accusation is that Heard is said to have laid the “surprise” in her ex-husband’s bed out of revenge. She contradicted this claim and stated that it was merely an accident involving one of her dogs.

Depp vehemently doubted that – and compared the size of the dogs with that of the bunch: “These are Teacup Yorkies. They weigh maybe four pounds each.” What he meant by the flower: Never in his life did what lay in his bed come out of such a small being…