US President Biden is counting on solidarity and joint cooperation at the America summit. Regional challenges such as migration are to be tackled together – a statement is to follow today.

At the Summit of the Americas, US President Joe Biden pledged the heads of state and government from North, Central and South America and the Caribbean to work together on the common challenges facing the region.

“We have an opportunity to find ways in which we can achieve more for all of our citizens through cooperation. And I emphasize: together, »said Biden at the opening of the first plenary session of the IX. Organization of American States (OAS) Summit. “It is our duty to show them what democracies can achieve when they work together.”

Joint declaration on migration expected

Biden announced a joint declaration on migration for Friday: “Each of our countries is being affected by unprecedented migration movements. I believe that it is our common task to master this challenge.” The US government wants to involve the states in Latin America more closely in order to slow down the massive migration to the United States. However, the summit boycott by the presidents of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Salvador could take the clout out of the ambitious migration plan. A large proportion of the migrants who flee the violence and poverty in their homeland and seek a better life in the USA come from these countries.

Nevertheless, Biden tried to spread optimism in his speech. “There is no reason why the Western Hemisphere cannot be the most forward-looking, democratic, prosperous, peaceful and secure region in the world,” he said. “We have unlimited potential. We have tremendous resources and a democratic spirit that stands for freedom and opportunity for all.”