Thanks to Elon Musk, everyone should be able to buy a blue tick for their Twitter account. Jesus also used it. Hallelujah!

The chaos that Elon Musk wreaks on Twitter keeps blossoming. Even Jesus Christ is speaking out now — or at least someone who, according to Twitter, is Jesus. “Carpenter, healer, God” is the self-description of the account, which Twitter has now officially “verified”.

New Twitter boss Musk has decided that the blue tick on a profile will no longer be given to verified people, but that anyone can buy it for $8 a month. But because too many people are playing tricks with the function, Twitter is said to have suspended the award of blue ticks since Friday. An alternative gray tick, which was supposed to be reserved for celebrities, first went live and disappeared again after a few hours.

Jesus Christ, verified

But the Twitter user @Jesus was fast enough and secured the blue tick, which can now be obtained without presenting an ID. Or could. Or soon will be able to get back. Who knows. Anyway, Jesus told Business Insider what it’s like to be officially Jesus on Twitter now.

In real life he is not Jesus at all, the Twitter savior begins with a confession. Anno domini 2006 he started the @jesus account. “I thought it would be fun to do a few tweets around Christmas and Easter. It’s satire,” says the Twitter Jesus, who prefers to remain anonymous in real life. He posts things like “Don’t call it a comeback” to write something funny about resurrection. He himself is not religious. “I just want to bring some fun and laughter to the Twitter universe.”

Jesus finds new tick system “absurd”

In fact, he had previously tried to get the blue verification tick but was rejected. When Musk changed the verification rules, “I knew my time had finally come.” He paid for the Twitter Blue subscription with Apple Pay and was activated immediately. With the campaign, he wants to show “how absurd the new system of verification is,” says @Jesus. “It makes no sense.”

The jokes with the blue Twitter tick are not always as harmless as in the case of Jesus. When a fake account on behalf of the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly tweeted on Friday that insulin was now free, the insulin manufacturer’s share price collapsed. The oil company BP and the armaments company Lockheed Martin also had to deal with troll accounts that had gotten the blue tick.

Grace him Musk

And what does Jesus say about fake allegations? He assumes that people are aware that he is not the real Jesus. Nonetheless, people sent him prayers asking for help. In different languages, from all over the world. Sometimes he answers something nice. But he is not a psychologist or someone with similar qualifications who can really help. Despite this, the account is followed by more than 800,000 people.

He usually leaves out his personal views, says Twitter-Jesus. However, he once sent a political tweet: “Ban all weapons” – he wanted to protest against the lax gun laws in the USA. He also gets messages in which people accuse him of blasphemy and wish him to hell. “But I don’t think the account is blasphemy because it’s so obvious that I’m not really impersonating Jesus.

Let’s see if Elon Musk will tolerate a Twitter god next to him. The almighty Twitter boss has said anyone impersonating someone else on the short message service without labeling the account as a “spoof” will be banned. Jesus have mercy on Musk.