Year after year, the British can see exactly what the Queen and her palaces actually cost them – and how often the royals jet through world history. This time, however, what is not to be read in the report is also interesting.

Does the Royal Family want to make peace with Duchess Meghan? Or is the silence of the royal family just its usual reserved attitude?

In the UK, as happens once a year, the report on what the monarch is costing taxpayers has been released. But this time the main focus is on what is not on the 129 pages.

Once again, it’s about the favorite drama of recent years: Prince Harry’s wife Meghan (40) and what has happened since she joined the Royal Family. Last year, the Times of London reported that in 2018, not long after the couple’s wedding, a complaint against Meghan about bullying was circulating inside the palace. Two personal assistants are said to have quit because of the high pressure the former US actress had built up.

Meghan’s lawyers described the allegations in a letter to The Times as a “calculated smear campaign based on misleading and harmful misinformation”. Buckingham Palace said at the time that Human Resources would investigate the allegations. The royal family will not tolerate bullying or harassment in the workplace. At that time it was said: The “Sovereign Grant” report should make public what should change.

No information on bullying allegations

And now: emptiness. Although there is a chapter on staff, feedback, further training and work culture in the current issue, there is no mention of what has to do with the processing of the allegations of bullying. The broadcaster Sky News, citing a senior palace source, reported that the results had not been disclosed in more detail for reasons of confidentiality. Others want to see the palace’s reticence as another olive branch towards Meghan and Harry, who recently visited Queen Elizabeth II’s throne jubilee for the first time with their two children. Here, too, the motto on both sides was: peace, joy and cautious rapprochement between the nuclear family and the apostates.

In the sober royal financial report, the couple’s departure to the USA, including financial independence, is reflected in black and white – in the form of ample savings.

Prince Charles spent £1.2million less on his sons’ activities compared to two years ago.

Royal spending up

Overall, the monarchy’s spending – in the 2021/22 accounting year – rose by 17 percent to £102.4 million, which has a lot to do with the fact that significantly more travel and events were possible again after the peak phase of the pandemic. £86.3 million of that comes from the Sovereign Grant. This is the name of the sum that is paid for with taxpayers’ money. What sounds like a lot is manageable per capita: 1.29 pounds, i.e. just 1.50 euros, costs the Queen and her family to British taxpayers – in the capital London you can’t even get still water at this price.

Nevertheless, the lifestyle of the royals may seem unworldly, especially in the poor regions of Great Britain, where increasing prices mean that more and more people can hardly afford basic groceries. According to various media reports, Prince Charles is said to be very aware of the cost of living crisis.

But sometimes ideals and practice are still a bit apart: Charles took more than 20 private domestic flights last year, as the “Telegraph” calculated, citing the financial report. His role as a dedicated climate protector sometimes conflicts with everyday royal life, a senior palace source admitted to the newspaper. After all: The heir to the throne is said to have campaigned for the RAF Voyager Jet to fly with sustainable fuels as far as possible.