She tried out the ticket machine and was in a good mood: Queen Elizabeth visited the London underground and a route named after her.

After a number of cancellations in recent months, Queen Elizabeth II surprised with a visit to the new Elizabeth Line of the London Underground, named after her.

The 96-year-old accompanied her son Prince Edward (58) in a bright yellow coat to the appointment at Paddington station in London on Tuesday and smiled at the cameras. “By a joyful development, Her Majesty is attending the event today to honor the completion of the line,” Buckingham Palace said. The strategy there is now being followed at short notice whether the Queen will appear publicly on certain occasions in order to avoid disappointment through cancellations.

The Elizabeth Line, which is scheduled to open to passengers on May 24, was originally scheduled to open in 2018. The costs are also far in excess of the original plan: instead of £14.8 billion (€17.5 billion), they are now estimated to be almost £19 billion (€22.5 billion). The new line is intended to make east-west connections through the capital faster.

The Queen and her son were welcomed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and London Mayor Sadiq Khan at the official engagement. Due to health problems, the Queen has often been represented by other members of the Royal Family in recent months and, above all, has held virtual appointments or events.

At the weekend, however, she already showed herself without any major restrictions and in the best of moods at the Royal Windsor Horse Show. In just over two weeks, the big celebrations for her 70th anniversary of the throne are coming up.