Whatsapp is the most popular chat app in the world. Now the messenger has been struggling with a total failure for hours.

Chatting with friends, sending a photo to mom or holding a meeting with work colleagues via video call – Whatsapp is an important communication platform for more than two billion people. It’s gone in one fell swoop: the messenger’s servers around the world have not been available for a few hours.

The problem is easy to recognize: If you start the app, it opens the chats as usual instead of loading the latest messages, but only the wheel at the top rotates, which indicates a connection to the server. Even new status messages are not loaded, phone calls and chats are on strike.

Whatsapp outage: Complaints worldwide

It’s no wonder that the line on the “All disturbances” platform is practically glowing: more than 180,000 Germans reported there in a very short time that their beloved messenger was not working at the moment.

But they are not alone. Go to Twitter using the hashtag “

Whatsapp failure: the cause has not yet been clarified

What exactly is behind the failure is not yet known. Whatsapp itself has not commented on the outage either on its blog or on its Twitter account. A possible end is therefore not in sight. Unlike Whatsapp, the other services of the parent company Meta, Facebook and Instagram, are still accessible.

Until Whatsapp works again, users will probably have to switch to other services such as SMS, Snapchat or Whatsapp competitors such as Signal or Telegram. You can find out how to set up Signal in this text.

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