TV emigrant Chris Töpperwien has just announced his wedding, now there is more good news from him.

Chris Töpperwien (48) becomes a father. The TV emigrant and his wife Nicole announced this on Instagram. The post features a picture of her posing by the sea in a short orange dress. Töpperwien’s wife put her hand on her stomach. It says: “We are in love with a little person whom we have not yet met. 1 1=3

wedding in May

The restaurateur only announced at the end of May that he had entered into the bond of marriage. Töpperwien also shared this message with around 150,000 followers via his official Instagram account. For a series of pictures that shows the couple and even the family dog ​​finely dressed, he wrote to his wife Nicole: “You are the person I am destined to spend the rest of my life with. Nicole Katharina, I love you! “

The 48-year-old used “wedding”, “Beverly Hills” and “Malibu” as hashtags. One of the photos shows the couple in love on the beach, another photo shows the wedding rings of the two in detail.

The entrepreneur emigrated to the USA around ten years ago. He started his TV career on the VOX show “Goodbye Germany! The Emigrants”. This was followed by an appearance in the RTL production “Das Sommerhaus der Stars – Kampf der Promipaare”, then with his ex-wife Magdalèna Kalley. In 2019 he took part in the successful format “I’m a Star – Get Me Out of Here!”, where he took sixth place.