What are the odds of Christian Bale becoming Batman again? All it takes is a phone call from a specific person.

With his portrayal of the hero Batman in the “Dark Knight” trilogy, Christian Bale (48) took the story about the protector of Gotham to a new level. Recently, many moviegoers have been impressed by Robert Pattinson (36, “The Batman”) as Bruce Wayne. The wish that Bale climbs into the Batmobile again and dashes onto the screen still seems unbroken. And this wish is apparently not that unrealistic, as the Oscar winner revealed to the US site “ScreenRant”. In fact, he would make his return subject to one condition – that Christopher Nolan (51) take over directing again.

Before the end of the series, he “made a pact with Nolan. (…) Let’s make three films if we’re ever lucky enough to be able to do that. And then let’s walk away from it.” Even then he had left a mental loophole open for himself personally. “If Chris Nolan ever says to himself, ‘You know what, I have one more story to tell.’ And if he then wishes to tell that story with me, I would be right there.”

Marvel villain instead of DC hero

It shouldn’t fail at the last point. Nolan is known for collaborating with actors across films. In the case of Bale, for example, already in the film “The Prestige”. And Tom Hardy (44), Cillian Murphy (46), Anne Hathaway (39) and above all Sir Michael Caine (89) know about the filmmaker’s loyalty.

Contrary to some rumours, there are still no plans for a renewed collaboration, Bale immediately presses on the euphoria brake: “That would be news to me. Nobody said anything to me about it.”

Bale is currently not working for DC anyway, but for Marvel – and that’s on the wrong side of law and order. In the new “Thor” strip “Love And Thunder”, which starts in Germany on July 6, Bale plays the antagonist Gorr with the martial nickname “The God Butcher”.