A complaint by the European cloud provider OVH to the EU Commission in Brussels got the ball rolling. Now the American technology giant is approaching them. Is that enough?

Microsoft is approaching European cloud providers after competition complaints. Among other things, it should be easier for them to host Microsoft’s cloud offerings, such as Office 365 office software apps, in their data centers.

Customers in Europe should also get more flexibility in the license terms, as Microsoft announced on Wednesday.

The changes follow a complaint by European cloud provider OVH to the EU Commission in Brussels. OVH felt disadvantaged by the license conditions, as they made it cheaper to operate Microsoft’s services with the group’s own cloud platform Azure than with the infrastructure of other providers. The measures apply exclusively to European cloud providers – and expressly not to Microsoft’s big cloud rivals Amazon and Google.

The European cloud provider association Cispe (Cloud Infrastructure Services Providers in Europe) does not go far enough with Microsoft. The initiative “does not help to end the anti-competitive bundling of productivity software with cloud infrastructure services,” criticized Cispe Secretary General Francisco Mingorance. He therefore called on the EU Commission to continue its investigation in the interest of European cloud customers.

At the same time, Microsoft manager Brad Smith emphasized that the measures announced on Wednesday would not be the last steps.