Hamburg was the start of his four stops on the “Love On Tour” in Germany. The first Harry Styles fans camped out in front of the Volksparkstadion two days before admission. It was actually worth it for this show.

Already on Saturday, fans of Harry Styles, 28, could buy merch. The stand in front of Hamburg’s Volksparkstadion opened its hatch the day before the actual concert, which was clever, because the queue for the T-shirts, hoodies and bags was about 100 meters long just three quarters of an hour after opening. At 29 degrees in the blazing sun, the mostly young girls lined up for their darling Harry.

Next to the merch stand, a mother provided the girls, who were already sitting on camping chairs, with ice and water. There are still more than 24 hours until they are allowed into the stadium. But standing at the front of the barricade at a Harry Styles concert has become a status symbol for his fans.