From which countries can Ukraine count on financial support and how much is it? That will be the subject of the G7 finance ministers.

The leading Western industrial nations (G7) are talking about billions in subsidies for Ukraine.

At the meeting of the G7 finance ministers this week on the Petersberg near Bonn, they want to initiate budget support for the country shaken by the Russian war, as the German Press Agency learned from those close to the finance ministry.

Accordingly, Ukraine has asked for aid of around five billion euros per month for three months. Overall, it is initially about 15 billion euros. After the three months, however, further support may be needed.

According to the Treasury Department, the United States had already announced that it would mobilize $7.5 billion in the short term. Other G7 countries are now trying to make commitments. The total amount that can be achieved is still open and a “strength”.

Ukraine needs the money to pay for pensions and government employees, for example. It is also controversial whether the entire amount is granted as a grant or part as a loan, i.e. whether Ukraine has to pay something back. In addition to Germany, the G7 includes the USA, Great Britain, Japan, France, Italy and Canada.