Again and again, the statements of the Twitter new owner and Tesla boss Elon Musk cause irritation. Now he has done more – on his own behalf.

Watch the video: Elon Musk lets Twitter vote on his resignation.

Twitter new owner and Tesla boss Elon Musk has set up a survey on the short message service. Sunday’s question: Should I step down as CEO of the social media platform? Musk wrote about the poll on Twitter that he would bow to the voting result. Voting was due to end on Monday noon. The US billionaire didn’t say when he would step down if poll results suggested it. “There is no successor,” Musk replied when asked by a Twitter user about a possible change in the post. Musk’s involvement on Twitter worries Tesla investors that he could become increasingly distracted from leading the electric car maker in times of global economic weakness. Musk has made several controversial changes to Twitter since taking over the social network. After massive international criticism, he recently lifted the blocking of user accounts for several US journalists, previously dismissing numerous employees. It was recently announced that Twitter wanted to block user accounts whose sole purpose was advertising for other social platforms. Accounts with cross-connections to advertised content should also be deleted, it said.