In March 2021, the hospitality industry was still severely affected by the corona restrictions. Sales are picking up again this year. But the pre-crisis level is still a long way off.

Sales in the hospitality industry in Germany continued to rise in March – but the pre-crisis level is still a long way away.

From February to March of the current year, sales in the industry increased by 6.2 percent in real terms, as calculated by the Federal Statistical Office. Compared to March 2021, when hotels, guesthouses and restaurants were severely affected by restrictions due to the corona pandemic, according to the Wiesbaden authorities on Tuesday, there was even an increase of 114.8 percent.

However, if you compare the values ​​with February 2020, the month before the outbreak of the pandemic in Germany, it shows how much the companies still have to catch up: Real revenues in March 2022 were 27.7 percent below the level at that time.

In the first quarter as a whole, the industry caught up a lot after the previous year’s low: From January up to and including March 2022, hospitality sales were 111.2 percent (real) or 120.4 percent (nominal) above the values ​​for the same period of the previous year.