A community of 900 people in France is in shock. A 14-year-old student admits to violently killing his girlfriend of the same age on a late-night date.

A violent crime against a young schoolgirl in a small town in Burgundy rocks France.

A 14-year-old schoolboy has confessed to stabbing his girlfriend, the same age, while they were on a night out with massive violence and intent, Mâcon prosecutor Éric Jallet said.

With a knife in the neck, a woman discovered the lifeless girl in the morning on a path behind the mayor’s office in the 900-inhabitant community of Clessé. The student had dozens of stab wounds and her nose was smashed. The classmate was arrested in high school and is in custody.

The parents last saw their daughter in the evening before going to bed, she was happy as always. The public prosecutor said they only realized in the morning that she was not at home. The questioning of classmates quickly pointed the investigators to the 14-year-old, with whom the girl recently had a relationship again after a break. The boy said he wanted to kill the girl, but friends said it wasn’t taken seriously. According to Jallet, the two have often met at night outside in the community between midnight and four in the morning.

The boy confessed in custody that he had committed the crime on purpose and that he had made an appointment with the girl, as in the previous days, the prosecutor explained. After a conversation, he suddenly stabbed the student three times in the neck with a knife he was carrying. When she tried to flee, he caught up with her and killed her. A forensic doctor found cuts and scratches on the boy’s hands. It is not yet known what drove him to do what he did.