In her statements, Amber Heard accused her ex-husband Johnny Depp of being morbidly jealous. One man he was said to have reacted irritably to was James Franco.

The picture Amber Heard paints of her ex-husband Johnny Depp in court is clear: Depp, the drug-addicted superstar, was pathologically jealous and his fear of losing Heard made him aggressive. His lawyers do not want to let this picture stand. In cross-examination, Depp’s representative Camille Vasquez Heard asked about her relationship with fellow actor James Franco. More precisely, it was about a meeting in May 2016.

Amber Heard and James Franco: Penthouse Visit

Video from a security camera showing Heard and Franco in the elevator together was shown to the jury and the audience. You can also see how the actress leans on Franco. As evidenced by the time of the surveillance video, Franco Heard paid a visit just before 11 p.m.

“You did know that Mr. Depp was out of town on May 22, 2016, right?” Vasquez asked Heard, explaining that just prior to that, Heard had attempted to have the locks changed on Depp’s penthouse in which she herself lived.

Depp is said to have thrown the phone at her

She didn’t know his schedule, Heard replied and, when asked by her own lawyer, explained what was between her and James Franco. “He was my friend and he literally lived next door. I had exhausted my support network and was happy to get as much friendship as I could,” she said.

Regarding the gesture in the elevator, which can be seen on the video, she said: “After he saw my face, he put his head on my shoulder. He also touched the side of my face.” Heard previously testified that the night before, Depp threw a phone at her, resulting in a bruise on her cheek.

In the run-up to the trial, there were rumors that James Franco could be called as a witness. The suspicions are not true, the actor will not testify for Amber Heard.