The defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard also gets numerous fans on the scene. In order to be there as a spectator in court, they sometimes take on a lot. And sometimes bring alpacas with you.

This process is about the most intimate incidents, conversations and spaces and the whole world is watching. In the live stream. Anyone who wants can follow the defamation trial between ex-couple Johnny Depp and Amber Heard in real time. For the actress and actor, it’s very, very much at stake: he has sued her for $50 million in damages, she is suing him for $100 million. Although the abysses of this former marriage open up online before the eyes of the world public, that’s not enough for some fans. You want to be there on site. With no screen in between.

Around 100 spectators are allowed in the courtroom in Fairfax, Virginia. And fans go to great lengths to snag one of these limited spots. Some arrive in the middle of the night to be as early as possible in line in the morning. Some of them even sleep in the car, as “People” reports. Spectators also came from abroad.

People spoke to a 40-year-old doctor from Fairfax, Virginia, who oversaw the trial for five days. Her mother-in-law looked after the children while she stood in line at 4 a.m. to get in. At work, she pushes extra shifts to get days off for the process. Her family’s reaction? “They think I’m crazy”.

Most fans support Johnny Depp

Another fan, 59, from Los Angeles, says he’s already spent $30,000 on the trial and has taken his entire annual vacation “to be there for Johnny.” According to the “Washington Post”, most of the fans who want to be there support Johnny Depp. And they are quite creative – they even bring animals with them.

The newspaper reports on the two alpacas Dolce and Inti in front of the courthouse in Fairfax. According to the “Washington Post”, Andrea Diaz from Virginia started visiting children with the alpacas during the corona pandemic to cheer them up. She wanted to do the same for Johnny Depp and brought her “emotional support alpacas” with her. Even though she knew that Johnny Depp probably wouldn’t see the animals, she just wanted to try it, she told the Washington Post. Johnny Depp enters and exits the building through a secured rear entrance.

So some fans bring animals with them, others sleep in cars. And still others dress up especially for the process. One woman has already spent around $2,200 on clothes for the trial, according to People. It will eventually be broadcast live around the world.

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