In the new show “Double Cooks Better” Alexander Kumptner invites candidates who can’t cook at all to cook.

Sat.1 has a heart for people who can’t cook. In the new cooking show “double cooks better” people with no previous experience have to try to cook something delicious on the stove.

assistance from the partner

The principle: In each episode, three couples who are closely related to each other compete against each other. This could be a partner, sibling or friend. Anyone who is rarely or never at the stove may or must cook. The person gets help with voice instructions from their team partner. The host is star chef Alexander Kumptner (39), known from “The Taste”. He promises viewers “unfiltered insights into kitchens – and into interpersonal relationships”.

“It’s extremely funny and that’s why I love this show. In addition, we have people at the stove who can’t cook. What other cooking show is that like that?” says Kumptner happily. Which team ultimately managed the meal best is decided by a blind tasting, in which the host and the participants who did not cook try.

From July 4th, the new show will run Monday through Friday at 7 p.m.