The Squad Auto makes you independent of petrol and expensive electricity from the mains. In summer it produces its own electricity, while the mini car from Holland remains quite affordable.

The Dutch start-up Squad Mobility had previously only shown computer renderings of its planned microcar. Now a real prototype made of aluminum and plastic has been presented. One can benevolently describe the vehicle as a Ur-Smart in Klein, less nice as a golf cart for the city. In fact, the squad car is not a passenger car, but a light vehicle of the L6e category.

It can accommodate two people, and even seat belts are provided for the passengers – but doors are considered “extra”. The trunk measures 68 liters, which increases to 243 liters by folding down the front passenger seat. The vehicle reaches 45 km/h – that is as fast as a small motor scooter. Here, however, the occupants are protected from the rain.

The squad car is powered by two electric motors, each with an output of 2000 watts. The battery range should be at least 100 kilometers. The batteries can be easily removed and charged at any 230 volt socket.

At least 20 kilometers with solar

The highlight is the integrated solar roof. On a European summer day, the roof should produce electricity for a range of around 20 kilometers. For some, that might be enough for the commute, others may need to add battery power. If you don’t use the cart every day, you can be completely self-sufficient, at least in summer. More solar power is not possible because of the size of the squad. In order to catch more sun, one would have to be able to unfold the roof. The vehicle measures a manageable two meters in length, with a width of 1.2 meters and a height of 1.6 meters. The turning circle is very small at six meters and there should be a parking space everywhere.

Solar-powered vehicles have already been introduced. The Squad remains relatively inexpensive, with prices listed at 6,250 euros for the basic version and 9,300 euros for the better equipped Signature Edition. However, they do not include VAT, which varies from country to country. In the rental model, you have to reckon with around 100 euros per month.