The leaders of the CDU and Greens in North Rhine-Westphalia met in Düsseldorf. They say they discussed the current political situation.

Three days after the North Rhine-Westphalian state elections, the leaders of the CDU and the Greens met in Düsseldorf on Wednesday for an initial meeting. Prime Minister Hendrik Wüst and Green Party leader Mona Neubaur attended the meeting, each with four top representatives of their parties.

The two groups greeted each other in front of the building of the West German Chamber of Crafts with the Faust salute. According to both sides, the topic of the conversation should initially be an assessment of the current political situation in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Nurse protests

In front of the building, around 20 nurses from the Düsseldorf University Hospital protested against overwork and a lack of staff. Two climate protectors had also lined up with posters of lignite excavators and protested against the possible formation of a black-green coalition.

The CDU clearly won the state elections on Sunday with 35.7 percent of the votes. The Greens were able to almost triple their result compared to the 2017 election and became the third strongest force with 18.2 percent. Neubaur had emphasized that the Greens would first talk to the CDU, who won the election, but were also available for talks with the SPD.