From one day to the next, Tesla is withdrawing the ability to order the Cybertruck from many countries. Only the USA, Canada and Mexico still have the opportunity to order a copy.

Anyone who wants to drive a cybertruck will probably not be able to do so in Germany. The possibility of ordering and reserving the steel monster has now been officially switched off in this country. An attentive Tesla fan had observed how Tesla had redesigned the Cybertruck product page, which was only accessible via Google anyway. Instead of an “Order” button, interested parties can only select “Receive updates” and register for the automaker’s newsletter.

Actually, this is a logical step, because Tesla boss Elon Musk has already revealed that the gigantic cybertruck is primarily intended for the North American market and that it is “impossible” to adapt the vehicle for international sales. The TÜV also found out shortly after the presentation: Without major conversions, nothing will happen with the approval in Germany.

Tesla Cybertruck: So far there have been problems with production

Nevertheless, until a few days ago it was possible to reserve a cybertruck in many countries, including Germany. For 100 euros there was an entry in the order book, but the delivery times were getting longer and longer. Since the first presentation in 2019, it has become apparent that demand is likely to exceed supply for a long time.

The start of production for the pick-up had been postponed several times; Tesla recently announced in January that the first production vehicles can only be expected in 2023. Originally, the end of 2021 was the target, followed by several corrections – also due to the current supply chain crisis and a lack of components.

Tesla boss Elon Musk has already admitted that new customers, if they still have the opportunity, will have to wait until 2026. What will happen to the orders that have already been placed is unclear. However, since the deposit is fully refundable, at least the 100 euros are not lost.

Global Uncertainty

Officially, Tesla keeps a low profile when it comes to vehicle delivery. No order step on the American website gives an approximate date, even the reservation agreement only says: “You are aware that Tesla may not have completed development of Cybertruck or started manufacturing Cybertruck. We cannot guarantee it when your vehicle will actually be delivered. Your actual delivery date will depend on many factors, including your vehicle’s configuration and production availability.”

After the conversion of numerous international order sites, Tesla only leaves the books open in three countries: apart from the USA, Canada and Mexico, nobody can reserve for a fee. It remains exciting when the first buyer will actually be able to take delivery of his vehicle.

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